Our vision

We have ambitious goals for Capital City Group. Our vision is to become the most professional real estate and renewable energy project development company in Lithuania that is open to investors.

Our mission

We will pursue this strategic goal by raising the highest quality standards for ourselves and by accomplishing the mission of Capital City Group, which is to create value for investors, clients, employees and communities.


- Wise decisions

We have been in the market for more than 15 years so our experience allows us to make the right decisions even in the case of the most complex projects. A reliable team of professionals allows us to offer the highest quality solutions to our partners and clients.

- Directional drive and innovation

In our work, we always have an end goal in sight and we work towards it. We look for innovative solutions and move forward with the latest trends and technologies.

- A united team

The main value and strength is the relationship with the partners and the team where everyone can express themselves and feel like themselves. We value each team member and we base our communication within the company on mutual respect and trust.

- Long-term perspective

We develop sustainable projects and feel socially responsible for what we create. What sets our work apart are projects that continue to add value years later.